# 6. MENTAL TOUGHNESS BASICS: How to Win Every Tennis Match

This short message is very much related to the previous post which discussed OUTCOME VS PERFORMANCE GOALS.

Boris Becker once said that winning was secondary to what he was trying to accomplish on the tennis court.  What he really wanted was to get better each time he played.  Michael Jordan, the basketball player, would stay after a game was over and everyone else went home and practice his free throws, jump shots, layups, etc.  It didn’t matter if he was the best player on the court because he wasn’t competing against other players; it didn’t even matter if the Bulls won or lost; his goal was to be a better player the next time he played.  He was focusing on performance goals – not outcome goals.

So the next time you are getting ready for a match and you are feeling anxious and questioning whether you will succeed, take a moment to refocus.  Stop thinking about things you can’t control (outcome goals) and start thinking about things you can control (performance goals).  Take a couple of deep breaths and then picture yourself performing the perfect serve, the perfect approach shot, the perfect lob, etc.  Then review your goals for the match.  Attainable performance goals!  Try some relaxation techniques and then go out there and have fun.  And remember, if you achieve your performance goals, then you have won.

And if you do this every time you play you will win every tennis match you ever play.

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